factorio is a factory management game by Wube Software. At time of writing, it is ranked the #2 game on steam by ratings, just under Portal 2, and ahead of The Witcher 3. I have worked at Wube software on factorio since August 2017, and am still working there now.


freeablo is a FOSS rewrite of the Diablo 1 game engine. I started, and continue to lead the project.

Dungeons & Directories

Dungeons and Directories is a short text adventure game that you play in your file browser. This was a solo project, so unusually, I made all the art myself too.

(Good) Game jam games

These are the game jam projects that I think went really well. They were all rated well (top 10%, where there was a rating phase), and I was really happy with the resulting game. They were each completed over the course of a weekend.

A Bzon Warehouse

A Bzon Warehouse was my solo entry for Ludum Dare 46. It is a satirical typing game in which you play as a warehouse worker.

Doggo Defender

Doggo Defender was a solo project in a two man “private” game jam. It is a wave defense game where you defend your dog against zombies.

Geary Grinder

Geary Grinder was a three-person submission for Ludum Dare 45. It is a mechanical puzzle game, where you manipulate gear ratios. Our team was two coders and a sound designer.

Other game jam games

I think it’s worth showing the projects you were less happy with, as well as your favourites. These aren’t all necessarily “bad”, but they are all projects that I wasn’t 100% satisfied with. Along with each I will list what I think went wrong.


Antromeda was a three-person entry for Ludum Dare 42. This was my first game jame. The problem here was that instead of coming up with a game idea, we had a visual style and plot idea. We had the idea of an ant civilisation moving across the galaxy, and we had a visual notion of a viewpoint of orbiting planets, but we didn’t really know what to do gameplay-wise. We figured we would get a basic renderer of orbiting planets working and the gameplay would flow naturally. It did not. It does not. Gameplay always has to come first.

Quick Space Dungeon

Quick Space Dungeon was a four-person entry for Trijam 44. It is a basic trial and error puzzle game. Trijam is a game jam where each team member can only work on the game for three hours each. I actually thought this one went quite well. We had a game working with just 3*3 hours of work (3 team members contributed code, one was only graphics). The interaction was decent, and I quite liked the bitcrushed graphics, especially because they were so quick to produce (bitcrushed royalty-free images from flickr). The main downside, in my opinion is just that the gameplay ended up a bit shallow, but this might just be down to the limited time we had to work on it.


Bloodbags was a four-person entry for Ludum Dare 43. The theme was “Sacrifices must be made”. Our plan was to have a fairly normal top down game with some basic combat, where in order to progress you had to sell (sacrifice) body parts to a psychotic bear in exchange for more powerful abilities, balanced by disadvantages from the loss of the body part.

In the end, we didn’t have enough time to finish very much in the way of meaningful mechanics. The idea of the sacrifices was interesting, but we didn’t develop the core gameplay enough for it to really work. The special abilities need to mix up the normal gameplay, but the normal gameplay never made it to fruition.

Miscellaneous FOSS projects I started

  • Glibc version header generator, a tool for building software on new linux distros that will run on old ones.
  • ArtomatixImageLoader, an image loading library for C, C# and python that support various HDR and normal formats.
  • Win10BSFixer, a tool to disable windows updates, because windows 10 tries really hard to stop you doing that

Miscellaneous minor FOSS / Open source contributions

  • OpenMW, a FOSS reimplementation of TES III: Morrowind
  • Hunter, a C++ package manager
  • Nuklear, a C gui library.